Rock Classification Hammer, L Type (Schmidt Hammer )

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Rock Classification Hammer L Type

(Schmidt Hammer -Low Impact Energy Model)



Rock Cradle


Calibration Anvil


ASTM D 5873; ISRM Suggested Method

FIR-0562 Rock Classification Hammer together with FIR-0565 NW Rock Cradle is an easy-to-use apparatus for measuring the rebound index on rock cores and samples. The level of impact energy is 0.74 Nm. Sample is positioned horizontally and the rebound index is calculated by the average value determined after several measurements which are performed perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis of the sample. Rock Classification Hammer is supplied complete with carrying case.

FIR-0565 Rock Cradle apparatus consists of a universal sample holder unit suitable for all standard rock core specimen sizes from EX to NX (21.46 mm to 54.74 mm dia.) and a V shaped vertical magnetic block which holds the hammer.



Weigth (approx.)


100x100x360 mm (in case)

2 kg


150x110x310 mm

6 kg


150x150x230 mm

16 kg


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