Manhole Tops Testing Machine

Product Code

FISP-0350 Manhole Tops Testing Machine


EN 1917

Manhole Tops Testing Machine has been designed to make test according to EN 1917 standard on concrete manholes and inspection chambers, unreinforced, steel fiber and reinforced.

Testing machine is consist of four column 1000 kN capacity frame and FI-4830 Automatic power pack, dual stage, controlled by BC 100 Graphics Data Acquisition and Control Unit and capable of performing test with the load control. The power pack programmed to make the test according to the standard requirements. It loads the required load 5 times and keeps the maximum load on sample during specified time. (Up to 120 second). Piston is located on the upper crosshead and has a spring mechanism to get the initial point. The adaptors for man hole are not supplied with the machine.


850x 1100 x 1215 mm

Weight (approx.)

15.000 kg.

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