Laminar Flows

Product Code

FID-1480 Laminar Flow (Fume Hood) Over the Counter Type
FID-1482 Laminar Flow (Fume Hood) - Cabinet Type

Some tests, especially extraction methods, require the use of volatile toxic chemicals which are hazardous to health, and these gases are subject to occupational exposure limits as described in relevant legislation and regulations

The FID-1480 and FID-1482, Over The Counter and Cabinet Type Fume Hoods are especially designed to remove toxic gases from the test area. Bespoke Fume Hoods with specific dimensions and properties can be supplied to meet specific requirements, pleasecontact FALEX INTERNATIONAL for more information.

Standard Features

  • Stoneware Bench
  • Water and gas fittings
  • 2 x double Electric Socket, 220 V
  • Galvanized frame
  • Legs that made from hard PVC to be protected against corrosion,
  • Second air drained part for draining heavy gases,
  • Standard flammable gas tap for LPG, Acetylene, Propane, Butane…etc,
  • Pressure Reducing Regulator,
  • Laminated or Tampered glass

Optional Features

  • Digital Indicator and control panel ,
  • Fan min. 1200 m3/h capacity
  • Trespa Top Lab Plus or Epoxy Resin type bench surface,
  • Demineralized water fitting





1500x900x1620 mm

250 kg


1500x900x2350 mm

300 kg


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