Water Level Indicator

Product Code

FIS-0050 Water Level Indicator 50 m Cable Length
FIS-0052 Water Level Indicator 100 m Cable Length
FIS-0055 Water Level Indicator 150 m Cable Length
FIS-0058 Water Level Indicator 200 m Cable Length

The Water Level Indicators (Electric Contact Meters) are portable, easy-to-use and reliable instruments for measuring water level and total depth in bore holes, wells, observation pipes, reservoirs, as well as control of pumping tests.

As soon as the measuring probe electrode touches the water surface, the signal indicator on the instrument lights up with an audible alarm. The water level can be read on the measuring tape in meters (m) and centimeters (cm).

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range

50m, 100m, 150m, 200m


1 cm for a measuring range of 100m


0.5 cm

Pressure Tightness

10 bar (up to 50 var possible)


Chromium-plated brass

Standart Version

14 mm dia. 140 mm long

Special Version

10 mm dia. 320 mm long


Polyethylene with 2 steel cores (anticorrosive) with polyamide-coated steel tape, graduation in millimeters (mm), in centimetres (cm) and numbering in decimetres in black color, the meters (m) figures are red colour on yellow-green base

Cable Drum

Hard Rubber, plastic material and temperature resistant

Power Supply

3V DC.2 baby-cells each 1.5V


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