Static Unilogger

Product Code

FIG-0320 Static Unilogger, 4 Channel Data Acqusition Unit
FIG-0325 Static Unilogger, 8 Channel Data Acqusition Unit
FIG-0330 Dataogger, 4 Channel Data Acqusition Unit

Static Unilogger, is a sophisticated data acquisition unit which provides the link between software and the transducers connected to the test equipments.

FIG-0320 Static Unilogger is used at triaxial tests and consolidation tests or for general data collecting purposes.

The main characteristics of FIG-0320 and FIG-325  are:

  • 4 channel FIG-0320 model
  • 8 channel FIG-0325 model
  • High resolution : 16M points (effective 260.000 points)
  • Large permanent memory
  • Ethernet port for  PC connection
  • CPU card by microprocessor 32 bit ARM risk architecture
  • 10 (sample/sec) / channel
  • 24 bit A/D Convertor (260.000 effective divisions),
  • Digital gain selection, suitable for potentiometric transducers
  • mv/V Sensors (pressure transducers, load cells, linear transducers)
  • 4 Mb memory

FIG-0330 Dataogger has 4 channel fot data acqusition and suitable for strain gauges and strain gauge type transducers( Pressure,force, displacement, vb.). A/D convertor is 24 bit. 1 micro strain resolution.


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