Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

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Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

(60 Hz version is available upon request)


Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

110 V 60 Hz


Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

with Soundproof Safety Cabinet

220-240 V 50Hz


Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

with Soundproof Safety Cabinet,

110 V 60 Hz


Los Angeles Abrasion Charges EN,

12 pcs.


Los Angeles Abrasion Charges ASTM/AASHTO,

12 pcs.


Soundproof Safety Cabinet

for Los Angeles Abrasion Machine


EN 1097-2, 12697-17, 13450; ASTM C131, C535; AASHTO T96

The Los Angeles Abrasion Machine is used for determination of the aggregates resistance to fragmentation. The machine consists of an electronic control unit and a rolled steel drum having an inside diameter of 711 mm and internal length of 508 mm. The drum is rotated at a speed of 31-33 r.p.m. The internal shelf provided with the machine confirms to ASTM, AASHTO and EN standards. The machine is equipped with an automatic counter, when the preset revolution count is reached, the machine will stop automatically. The drum is equipped with an interlock device which allows the operator to lock the drum into position for easy loading/unloading of the sample.

A steel tray is supplied with the machine for easy discharge of specimen and abrasive charges.

The standard model can be supplied with a safety/noise reduction cabinet. The cabinet is lined internally with soundproofing material to reduce sound level conforming to CE directives. The cabinet must be ordered with the Los Angeles machine if required, as the electronic control unit will be installed on the safety cabinet at the time of manufacture. The cabinet is equipped with an electric safety device which automatically stops the rotation of the drum when the door is opened, conforming to CE directives.

  • Abrasion balls and 1.6 mm, 10mm, 11.2mm (or 12.5mm) and 14 mm sieves acc. to EN standard
  • Abrasion balls, 1.7 mm( No.12) sieve and other sieves which chance depending the grain size acc. to ASTM and AASHTO standards, should be ordered separately.

The Los Angeles Abrasion Machine is supplied complete with;

  • Steel Tray





850x1000x1100 mm

1100x1150x1250 mm

Weight (approx.)

350 kg

505 kg


750 W

750 W


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