Abrasion Testing Machine According to Böhme

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Abrasion Testing Machine According to Böhme,

220-240 V 50 Hz

(60 Hz version is available upon request)


Abrasive Sand, 50 kg pack for FIA-0615


EN 1338, 1339, 1340

FIA-0615 the Abrasion Testing Machine according to Böhme is used for determining the abrasion resistance of concrete and natural stone products used for internal or external paving.

The machine consists of a grinding wheel of approx. 750 mm diameter, a removable testing weight of 30 kg and a clamping device for the sample. The machine is equipped with an adjustable counter (30 ± 1 r.p.m.) and an automatic cut-off system which stops the machine after 22 rotations.

FIA-0616 Abrasive Sand should be ordered separately.


1500x6850x1350 mm

Weigh (approx.)

300 kg


750 W

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