Micro-Deval Apparatus ASTM

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Micro-Deval Apparatus, ASTM,

220-240 V 50 Hz


Micro-Deval Apparatus, 110 V 60 Hz


Stainless Steel Jar, ASTM, Ø194x170 mm


Micro-Deval Abrasion Charges, ASTM,

Ø9,5 mm, 2 pcs. of 6 kg packed


ASTM D6928, D7428; AASHTO T327

The Micro Deval Testing Machine is used to determine the resistance to wear of aggregates. The machine consists of a steel frame, two stainless steel jar stainless steel spheres (2 pcs) and an automatic digital counter which allows machine to stop automatically at the preset number of revolutions.

Stainless steel jars are rotating at a speed of 100 ± 5 r.p.m.

1,18 mm sieve should be ordered separately.

FIA-0620/A Micro-Deval Apparatus is supplied complete with;

  • Stainless Steel Jar, ASTM, Ø194x170 mm, 2 pcs.
  • Abrasion Charges, ASTM, Ø9,5 mm, 2 pcs. of 6 kg packed



1050x450x950 mm

Weight (approx.)

95 kg


550 W

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