Muffle Furnace

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Muffle Furnace 5 lt. 1200°C Max. Temperature

with Programmable Timer, 20-240 V 50-60 Hz


EN 196-2; ASTM C25, C115

FID-1462 Muffle Furnace is used for determining the loss on ignition and insoluble residue of cement and building lime.

Working temprature and time can be programmed with PID digital control system.

Digital Thermometer Features

Temperature Controller

PC 442/2

Max. Temperature

1200 °C

Max. Continuous Temperature

1150 °C

Temperature Deviation at Set Point

± 2°C

Heat Up Time to Max. Temperature

50. min

Internal Volume

5 L



Internal Dimension

140x180x200 mm

External Dimension

650x550x580 mm

Weight (approx.)

56 kg


2000 W


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