Block Platens

Product Code

FI-4620 Block Platens with Sliding Rail Assembly
FI-4621 Block Platens Lifting Assembly


EN 772-1, 12390-4

Block Platens 460x280x45 mm with Sliding Rail Assembly are installed on the compression testing machines for testing concrete blocks and other structural materials. The Sliding Rail Assembly allows the platens to be easily installed without removing the existing FI-4513 compression platens.

This option can only be used with FI-4720, FI-4730, FI-5720, FI-5730 and FI-5740 compression testing frames. This assembly should be factory installed.  It should be noted that after installing FI-4620  the vertical clearance between the platens decreases by 50 mm.

The FI-4621 Block Platens Lifting Assembly is used for easy removal of the lower platen of FI-4620 and easy replacement of the distance pieces between the piston and the lower platen.


500x300x250 mm

Weight (approx.)

175 kg


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