Soil Lathe / Trimmer and Extruder

Product Code

FIS-0160 Soil Lathe / Trimmer and Extruder
FIS-0162 Open Wire Saw
FIS-0164 Wire Saw
FIS-0166 Trimming Knife
FIGG-2205 Porcelain Mortar with Pestle 130 mm dia
FIGG-2215 Rubber Headed Pestle

The FIS-0160 Soil Lathe, Trimmer and Extruder is used to extrude and trim soil samples from 35 mm to 100 mm diameter to reduce samples. It should be used together with FIS-0162 Open Wire Saw.

Open Wire Saw, Wire Saw, Trimming Knife, Porcelain Mortar with Pestle. The Rubber Headed Pestle can be ordered separately.

Technical Specifications

Specimen Lathe

35x70 mm to 100x200 mm

Specimen Trimming and Extrusion

35x70 mm to 50x100 mm

Vertical Daylight

260 mm


220x300x450 mm

Weight (approx.)

15 kg


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