Laboratory Mixer

Product Code

FIG-0130 Laboratory Mixer 10 L, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
FIG-0130/110 Laboratory Mixer 10 L, 110 V 60 Hz
FIG-0131 Spare Bowl for FIG-0130
FIG-0132 Spare Whisk for FIG-0130

The FIG-0130, 10 L capacity mixer is designed for the mixing of soil and asphalt samples to be used for mechanical tests such as compaction, indirect tensile, Marshall etc. The mixing head rotates at speed positions from 10 to 240 rpm and the whisk from 20 to 480 rpm. The user can adjust the rotation speed between given values easily by using a control knob fitted to the machine.

   The Laboratory Mixer is supplied complete with;

  • Bowl,Stainless Steel, 10 L.
  • Whisk


700x750x800 mm

Weight (approx.)

75 kg


550 W


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