Digital Length Comparator

Product Code


Digital Length Comparator


Length Comparator with

Heidenhain Length Measuring Sensor

220-240 V 50-60 Hz


EN 1367–4, 12617–4, 12808-4; ASTM C151, C157, C227, C311,

C341, C342, C441, C452, C490, C531, C596, C806, C878, C1260;

BS 1881:5, 6073

Length Comparators are used to determine the length changes on different type of cement prisms.

The set consists of a length measuring frame with measuring apparatus attached to it. There are 2 models available; FICM- 0037 is with 0.001 mm x 12,7 mm digital dial gauge and FICM-0038 is with special 0.0001 mm x 30 mm transducer and readout unit.

All information about shrinkage moulds, steel inserts and reference rods can be found on FICM-0009/E-0009/A-0033 Cement Shrinkage Moulds, and FIA-0850/FICM-0033 Aggregate Shrinkage Moulds datasheets.

Reference rod and moulds should be ordered separately according to the test to be performed.



180x180x450 mm


250x250x650 mm

Weight (approx.)


6 kg


8 kg


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