Quantab Chloride Titrator Type

Product Code

FIGE-4320 Quantab Chloride Titrator Type 1175, 40 Strips
FIGE-4322 Quantab Chloride Titrator Type 1176, 40 Strips

The Quantab Chloride Titrators are used for quick determination of chloride content of fine aggregates. The determination is based on the reaction of the silver dichromate strip with the chloridein the sample solution, and the proportional content of chloride in the sample is indicated by the calibration chart which is supplied complete with the test kit.



Type 1175

Type 1176


0.005% to 0.1% NaCl

0.05% to 1% NaCl


75x75x120 mm

Weight (approx.)

0,1 kg



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