Reference Colours Glasses

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Reference Colours Glass


Graduated Impurities Test,

Glass Bottle 500 ml, ASTM


Graduated Impurities Test,

Glass Bottle 1000 ml, ASTM


Cylindrical Glass Bottle with

Cork Stopper, for Organic Impurities,

450 ml,EN


Sodium Hydroxide 1 kg


EN 1744-1; ASTM C40

The Reference Colour Glass consists of 5 organic glass scales mounted in a plastic holder, which is used for the comparison of the colour results from the relevant test.

The 500 ml and 1000 ml capacity Graduated Glass Bottles are used for making reference standard colour and test solution according to the ASTM standard.

FIGG-1720 450 ml Cylindrical Glass Bottle is used for determination of organic impurities as required in the EN standard.


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