Compression and Flexural Frames

Product Code

FICM-6700 250 kN Cement Compression Frame
FICM-6710 15/250 kN Cement Flexure/Compression Frame



EN 196-1, 459-2, 1015-11, 13454-2; ASTM C109, C348, C349;BS 3892-1, 4551-1

The FICM-6700 and FICM-6710, very rigid two column frames have been designed for compression and/or flexure testing of mortar prisms and cubes specimens. Load cells are used on both frames to provide high accuracy in load measuring. Both frames are fitted with round platens with 165 mm diameter and these should be used together with suitable flexure and compression devices.

Distance pieces and transparent front-rear safety doors (should be factory insttalled ) should be ordered separately.






460 mm

680 mm


300 mm

300 mm


Ø165 mm

Ø 165 mm


263 mm

263 mm


500 mm

500 mm


1650 mm

1650 mm


180 kg

325 kg

Distance Pieces for Frame

Due to the modular design of the frames any sample with suitable size, load and pace rate can be test on both chambers by decreasing the distance between platens.

Distance Pieces


Distance piece dia. 165 mm x 15 mm


Distance piece dia. 165 mm x 30 mm


Distance piece dia. 165 mm x 50 mm


Distance piece dia. 165 mm x 90 mm


FICM-0116        Upper Loading Platen with Ball Seating Assembly Ø:165 mm and Lower Loading Platen,  Ø:165 mm

Manufactured from high quality steel are hardened (more than HRC 53), smoothed and finished.

The roughness value for the surface texture of machine and auxiliary platens are 3.2 μm.

Loading Cylinder Assembly & Limit Switch

All frames have a single acting up stroking ram. The diameter of piston changes with regard to the capacity.

The maximum ram stroke is 50 mm, a limit switch is fitted to prevent over travel  of the ram which cuts the power to the pump.

There is a low friction coaxial PTFE seal between the cylinder and the piston fitted to the cylinder.


FICM-0120/A Flexure Jig Assembly  to test 40x40x160 mm  mortar prisms, ASTM

FICM-0120/E  Flexure Jig Assembly to test 40x40x160 mm mortar prisms, EN

FICM-0121/A  Compression Jig Assembly to test 50 mm (2”) mortar cubes,  ASTM

FICM-0121/E  Compression Jig Assembly to  test portions of 40x40x160 mm mortar prisms, EN



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