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FALEX INTERNATIONAL Software for Automatic Compression

/ Flextural Strength Testing Machine


Data Acquisition & Pc Software

EN 12390-3, 12390-4; BS 1881; ASTM C39

The Automatic Compression Testing Machine can be controlled (Start, Stop commands) by a computer with the software (given free of charge by FALEX). This software provides data acquisition and management for compression, flexure and splitting tensile test throughout the test execution. The advanced functions for data base management provide an easy navigation of all saved data. The test results certificate includes all descriptive information. Therefore, test parameters can be set and details about the test carried out such as client details, test type, specimen type, user info and other information required can be entered and printed out as well as test report and graph.

Standard Code


EN 12390-3

Compressive Strength of Concrete Cylinders or Cubes

EN 12390-5

Flexural Strength of Concrete Beams

EN 1340

Flexural Strength of Concrete Kerbs

EN 12390-6

Tensile Splitting Strength of Concrete Cylinders or Cubes

EN 1338

Tensile Splitting Strength of Concrete Paving Blocks

EN 772-1

Compressive Strength of Masonry Units

(Clay, Concrete with Dense and light – weight, aggregates and Autoclaved aerated, Natural and Manufactured Stone, Calcium silicate)

EN 13748-1

Breaking Strength/Load of Terrazzo Tiles for Internal Use

EN 13748-2

Breaking Strength/Load of Terrazzo Tiles for External Use

EN 538 and EN 491

Flexural Strength of Clay or Concrete Roofing Tiles

EN 196-1

Compressive Strength of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars

EN 196-1

Flexural Strength of Hydraulic-Cement Mortars

EN 12504-1 and EN 12390-3

Compressive Strength of Cored Concrete Specimens

  • Foreign Language Support and Customizable User Interface All contents of experimental data and additional information can be organized by user. Software can be performed in x different  languages.
  • Capability to Save 24 test results of different specimens in one test folder Test results, graphics and properties of 24 different specimens can be saved in one folder. Old test folders can be reviewed and be edited easily. Advanced Graphic User Interface Software.
  • Graphical data on the screen is refreshed simultaneously during test procedure Load values can be monitored in high resolution graphics at every 100 milliseconds. User can highlight all 24 different specimen curves or preferred ones in different colors on the graphics. Zooming in–out and dragging can be done easily by mouse. Peak values of curves can be marked on the graphics and user can get  load value of any point on the graph via high resolution.
  • Able to save frequently used texts in memory and recall them when necessary Frequently used information like name and location of the laboratory, type and dimensions of mostly use  specimens are held in memory and can be written automatically by right clicking on information boxes and selecting frequently used text in menu.
  • Capable to Access and use previously done test data User can access any data of previously  completed tests and use in his/ her new report since most of the tests have same structure and  properties.
  • Able to edit test parameters of the testing equipment through Software All test parameters  supported by testing equipment can be changed remotely via software. All test parameters specified by user are downloaded to the device before initialing the test procedure. By this way predefined device parameters will not cause errors in test results.
  • Graphical outputs and reports can be saved as a MS Excel worksheet Test result parameters and graphics are transferred to MS Excel worksheet properly to give user a chance to edit any data and graph easily.
  • Maximum Flexibility to edit report and graph templates User can design his/her custom report template and graphic scheme in MS Excel. In software part, user will define which data will be screened in which cell on the worksheet. Therefore, he/she will be able to monitor test results in his/her specific design.
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