Manual Flexural Testing Machine

Product Code

FI-5533 200 kN Manual Flexural Testing Machine



EN 1338, 1340, 12390-5, 12390-6; BS 1881; ASTM C78, C293, C496

The FI-5533 200 kN Capacity Manual Flexure Testing Machine is designed to perform reliable flexure tests on standard concrete beams, concrete or natural stone kerbs, concrete paving flags, and natural stone slabs and tensile splitting test of concrete paving blocks. Especially suitable for on-site applications when electric power supply is not available.

Being a low cost alternative, FI-5533 testing machine combines precision and simplicity with the unique design of the manual power pack. Hand Operated Hydraulic Power Pack enables even an inexperienced operator to perform the flexure tests on-site.

The FALEX range of flexural machines have the accuracy of Class 1 starting from 2% of the full capacity.

FI-5533 flexure testing machine consists of a heavy duty welded frame, manuel hydraulic power pack and data acquisition system LPI.

Flextural test assemblies should be ordered separately.


200 kN

Class 1 range

4-200 kN


1/ 65.000

Ram Travel

100 mm

Max. Vertical Clearance

425 mm (without accessories)

Max. Horizontal Clearance

650 mm

Max. Clerance Between  Lower Rollers

900 mm



Power Pack





1000x950x1130 mm

Power Pack

300x250x500 mm




225 kg

Power Pack

50 kg

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