Mass Concrete Temparature Measurement

Product Code

FIGT-1350 Hand Type Digital Thermometer, -50° C to 1350° C
FIGT-1355 Connector, Type: OMTS-K-E
FIGT-1360 Cable, Type: E-0,5 T2KTTEA. Meter
FIGT-1352 4 Channel Digital Display Temperature Datalogger

The products are used for monotoring of temperature development of mass concrete. The number of measurement points for connectors and the cable length needed for each measurement point should be indicated. The products should be ordered seperately.

FIGT-1352 4 Channel Digital Display Temperature Datalogger is an alternative to FIGT-1350 and can record continuously in the time interval selected by the user. The datalogger has -195˚C to +1000˚C temp. measurement range for K Type sensors, 1s – 24h data record range and 2 million data recording capacity. Battery operated data logger is supplied comğplete with acceessories such as cable for connecting to PC, software, SD card (for collecting the measurement).



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