Cube Moulds

Product Code

FI-0810 Cube Mould 100 mm, Cast Iron
FI-0812 Cube Mould 100 mm, Two Gang Plastic
FI-0815 Cube Mould 150 mm, Cast Iron
FI-0820 Cube Mould 150 mm, Plastic
FI-0821 Cube Mould 150 mm, High Quality Plastic
FI-0825 Cube Mould 200 mm, Cast Iron
FI-0408 Tamping Rod Ø 16x600 mm


EN 12390-1

Cast iron and hard plastic moulds are manufactured in accordance with dimensions and tolerances stated in the relevant standard. Four part body and attached to the base with a robust clamp, the cast iron moulds are designed to be durable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

FI-0820 plastic moulds manufactured from robust plastic are one piece and easy for field use, the specimens are ejected from the moulds by compressed air.

Product Code


Weight (approx.)

FI- 0810

270x270x120 mm

9 kg

FI- 0812

260x120x120 mm

2 kg

FI- 0815

300x210x160 mm

17 kg

FI- 0820

220x220x180 mm

2 kg

FI- 0821

220x220x180 mm

2 kg

FI- 0825

330x270x220 mm

20 kg

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