Melting Pot

Product Code

FIC-1050 Melting Pot 3 lt. Capacity, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz

FIC-1050/110     Melting Pot 3 lt. Capacity, 110 V 60 Hz



EN 12390–3, 12390-1, 12504-1; ASTM C31, C192, C617, C39, C42; AASTHO T23, T126

The FI-1050 melting pot is used for melting the capping compound. The apparatus consists of a 3 litre capacity aluminium container in a well-lagged steel jacket, cover and thermostatic control heating system to keep the temperature constant in the range of ambient to 200 ºC.


350x320x290 mm

Weight (approx.)

9 kg


600 W

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