Deep Scanning Metal Locator

Product Code

FI-3015 Deep Scanning Metal Locator

FI-3015 Deep Scanning Metal Locator is used to find rebar and metalic pipes, conduit, metal studs, junction boxes and metal framing up to 150 mm deep by scanning through most nonmetallic construction material, including solid concrete.

It scans through solid concrete and pinpoints the location and depth of target and differentiates between steel rebar and copper pipe.

Technical Specifications


9 V alkaline

Position Accuracy

Rebar/Copper pipe 14 mm dia. at a minimum

grid spacing of 152 mm are located typically

within 13 mm depth


Up to 152±25 mm

Water Resistance

Splash and water resistance

but not water proof


251x109x63 mm

Weight (approx.)

320 g (incl. battery)



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