Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer N Type (Proceq)

Product Code

FI-3032   Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer N Type (Proceq)
FI-3040 Calibration Anvil


EN 12504-2, 13791; ASTM C 805; BS 1881:202; NFP18-417;

DIN 1048 part 2; UNI 9189; ISO 8045; B 15-225; JGJ/T 23-2001

JJG 817-1993

The quality of concrete is mainly judged by its compressive strength directly affecting the load-bearing capacity and durability of concrete structures.

FI-3032 Concrete Test Hammer (Original Schmidt Type N - Proceq) is used to measure the compressive strength characteristics of hardened concrete non-destructively, control uniform concrete quality and detect weak spots in the concrete. The test object should have a minimum thickness of 100 mm (3.9 in).

FI-3040 Calibration Anvil, manufactured from a special steel alloy, is used for the calibration of concrete test hammers.


  • Type N Original Schmidt: Rebound values are read from a scale for subsequent calculation of the  mean. Compressive strength values can be read from a conversion diagram
  • Type NR Original Schmidt: Rebound values are recorded as a bar chart on a paper strip which has a  capacity for 4'000 test impacts

Product Code


Weight (approx.)


340x120x120 mm

2 kg


150x150x230 mm

16 kg

Measuring Range

10-70 N/mm2

Impact Energy

2.207 Nm

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