Vibratory Compactor Set

Product Code

FIS-0630   Vibratory Compactor Set, 220-240 V 50 Hz
FIAS-0085 P.R.D. Split Mould and Base Plate



EN 12697-32, 12697-9, 12697-10

The FIS-0630 Vibratory Compactor Set is used to prepare test specimens of bituminous mixtures by using the vibratory compaction technique.

The FIS-0630 Vibratory Compactor Set consists of a Vibrating Hammer (220-240 V 50 Hz), Supporting Frame, 102 mm dia. Small and 145 mm. dia. Large Tamping Foots and 300 mm Shank.

P.R.D. (Percentage Refusal Density) Split Mould is split verticially on one side, attached to the base plate with clamp. Plated against corrosion.

The split mould and base plate should be ordered separately.

The set is also used for compaction of proctor and CBR soil specimens.

The Vibratory Compactor Set is supplied complete with;

  • Vibrating Hammer
  • Supporting Frame
  • Small Tamping Foot, 102 mm dia.
  • Large Tamping Foot, 145 mm dia.
  • Shank, 300 mm, long


510x300x1120 mm (complete set)

Weight (approx.)

75k (complete set)


1150 W (vibrating hammer)

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