Vialit Plate (Adhesion Test) Apparatus

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Vialit Plate (Adhesion Test) Apparatus


Steel Ball, 512gr, for FIAS-0112


Mechanic Aggregate Deployment

for FIAS-0112, 100 chippings



EN 12272-3; NF P98-274-1

The FIAS-0112 Vialit Plate Apparatus is used to assess the adhesion property of aggregates to bitumen.

Supplied complete with a metal basement with three vertical pointed rods to hold the flat steel plate, 50 cm. high vertical rod with a slot at the upper end for the steel ball to drop, a 512 g steel ball, 6 metal test plates and a hand operated rubber wheel roller. The mechanic aggregate deployment should be ordered seperately

The test plate, coated by bitumen on one face and spread with the aggregate chippings in a standard way is rolled using the roller and then placed on the three-point support base.

The steel ball drops three times from the slot, and the chippings that become loose after the three impacts are counted and checked.

The Vialit Plate (Adhesion Test) Apparatus is supplied complete with;

  • Flat Steel Plates, 6 pcs.
  • Steel Ball, 512 g
  • Rubber Wheel Roller, hand operated


400x1400x400 mm

Weight (approx.)

45 kg

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