Semi-Automatic Digital Bitumen Penetrometer

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Semi-AFIomatic Digital

Bitumen Penetrometer

220-240 V 50-60 Hz


Semi-AFIomatic Digital

Bitumen Penetrometer

110 V 60 Hz


Transfer Dish for FIAS-0120


Sample Cup, Ø 55x35 mm,

stainless steel


Sample Cup, Ø 70x45 mm,

stainless steel


Penetration Needle, 2,5 g


One-Quarter Scale Cone and Shaft,

ASTM D 1403 and D 1831,

for FIAS-0120 and FIAS-0126


One-Half Scale Cone and Shaft,

ASTM D 1403 and D 1831,

for FIAS-0120 and FIAS-0126


Penetrometer Cone ASTM D 217

(Optional Type) and ASTM D 937,

for FIAS-0120 and FIAS-0126, Brass


Resilience Ball Penetration Tool.

ASTM D5329, for FIAS-0120 and FIAS-0126


EN 1426; ASTM D5; AASHTO T49

The FIAS-0120 Semi-Automatic Digital Bitumen Penetrometer is used to determine the penetration of bituminous samples under constant load, time and temperature. The Penetrometer consists of a cast iron base with coarse and fine levelling screws, a digital penetration measurement gauge 0.01 mm readability and a penetration timer unit.

Start button of the penetration timer unit is used to release the plunger fitted with the needle to start the 5 seconds test.

A water bath (FIGE-4000 or FIGE-4050, 25±0,1 C) and a thermometer ( IP38, ASTM 17C or 63C ) required for the test should be ordered separately.

The Semi-Automatic Digital Penetrometer is supplied complete with;

  • Penetration Needle, 2,5g, 1 pieces
  • Transfer Dish
  • Sample Cup Ø 55x35 mm, 3 pieces, stainless steel


200x300x500 mm

Weight (approx.)

16 kg

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