Water in Bituminous Materials Test Set

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Water in Bituminous Materials Test Set

(Dean-Stark Method) 220-240 V 50 H


ASTM D95, D244; AASHTO T55, T59; IP 74/77; CNR No.101; NLT 123

The FIAS-0135 test set is used for determining the water content of bituminous materials. The test is based on distilling the sample with a volatile solvent. The material to be tested is heated under reflux with a water immiscible solvent, which distills together with the water in the sample. Condensed solvent and water are continuously separated in a trap, the water settles in the graduated section of the trap, and the solvent returns to the still.

Test Set Consists Of; 

  • Electric Heater with Thermo Regulator
  • Glass Condenser
  • Glass Receiver
  • Glass Still, 10 ml


200x200x450 mm

Weight (approx.)

4 kg


250 W

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