Bitumen Oven for Rolling Thin-Film Oven Test

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Bitumen Oven for Rolling Thin-Film Oven Test

(RTFOT), ASTM 220-240 V 50-60 Hz


Bitumen Oven for Rolling Thin-Film Oven Test

(RTFOT), EN 220-240 V 50-60 Hz


Spare Glass Container for FIAS-0140


Air-Drying Unit for FIAS-0140


EN 12607-1; ASTM D2872; AASHTO T240

FIAS–0140 Bitumen Oven is used for determination of  the resistance to hardening of semisolid asphaltic materials/ bitumen or bituminous binders under the combined effects of heat and air with the rolling thin-film oven test (RTFOT) method.

The Internal chamber of FIAS-0140 Bitumen Oven is manufactured from stainless steel, insulated with fiberglass or similar, the door has a symmetrically located window.

The oven has a programmable temperature controller which works inPID mode and digital display system. A temperature sensor is used instead of the ASTM 13C thermometer. The temperature can be read from the digital unit placed on the oven. Over tempereture controlled by a mechanic switch. Conforming to the CE Directives.

Air Compressor and Air-Drying Unit ( FIGE-3572 ) should be ordered separately. Maximum pressure should not exceed 2 bar when an air compressor is used.

The Bitumen Oven for RTFOT is supplied complete with;

  • Glass Comtainers, 8 pcs.


800x700x750 mm

Weight (approx.)

62 kg

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