Bitumen Oven for Thin Film Oven Test

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Bitumen Oven for Thin Film Oven Test

(TFOT method) and Loss on Heat Test

220-240 V 50-60 Hz


Thermometer 155 °C to 170 °C

with 0.5 °C division ASTM 13C (IP 47C)


Rotating Shelf Ø 250 mm for Loss

on Heating Test


Sample Cup Aluminium Ø 55x35 mm

for Loss on Heating Test, 9 pcs.


Rotating Shelf for Thin Film Oven Test


Sample Cup, Aluminium, Ø 140x9.5 mm

for Thin Film Oven Test (TFOT ) 4 pcs.


EN 12607-2,13303; ASTM D6, D1754; AASHTO T47, T179; BS 2000

FIAS–0145 Bitumen Oven is used for determining the loss in mass, of oil and asphaltic / bituminous compounds when heated with the loss on heating test method or the effect of heat and air on semisolid asphaltic / bituminous materials with the thin film oven test (TFOT) method.

The internal chamber of the FIAS-0145 Thin Film Bitumen Oven is made of stainless steel and the door has a panel window.

Oven has a working temperature ambient to 200 °C , digital PID controller and circulation fan.  

Rotating shelf and sample cups should be ordered separately according to the test type.


910x800x550 mm

Weight (approx.)

60 kg

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