Digital Engler Viscometers

Product Code

FIAS-0250 Digital Engler Viscometer, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
FIAS-0252 Engler Viscosity Thermometer, 18-28°C, ASTM 23C
FIAS-0254 Engler Viscosity Thermometer, 39-54°C, ASTM 24C
FIAS-0256 Engler Viscosity Thermometer, 95-105°C, ASTM 25C
FIGT-2005 IP 76C Thermometer, 10-55°C, 0.5°C Divisions
FIAS-0260 Kohlraush Calibration Flask, 200 ml
FIAS-0262 Strainer No. 50, ASTM


ASTM D1665; AASHTO T54; BS 2000; CNR No. 102; NF T66-020

The FIAS-0250 Digital Engler Viscometer is used for determining the viscosity of tars and their fluid products. Apparatus consists of a contact thermo regulator and a stirring device.


265x265x550 mm

Weight (approx.)

10 kg


300 W

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