Cleveland Flash Tester

Product Code

FIAS-0350 Cleveland Flash Tester, 220-240 V 50-60 Hz
FIGT-2040 Thermometer IP28C, -6 +400°C


EN 22592; ASTM D92; AASHTO T48; IP 36/67

The FIAS-0350 Cleveland Flash Tester is used to determine the flash and fire point of petroleum products. It consists of a brass cup mounted on an electric heater with a temperature controller and a thermometer. Conforming to the CE European Directive, the unit is supplied complete with a double line-fuse, Hot plate control apparatus and a thermometer -6 C to +400 C.

The Cleveland Flash Tester is supplied complete with;

  • Brass Cup
  • Thermometer, -6 C +400 C


250x300x250 mm

Weight (approx.)

5 kg


600 W

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