TAG Open Cup Flash Point Tester

Product Code

FIAS-0360 TAG Open Cup Flash Point Tester, 220-230 V 50-60 Hz
FIGT-2065 Thermometer ASTM 33C -38 +42°C
FIGT-2030 Pensky-Martens/TAG Thermometer ASTM 9C -5 +110°C
FIGT-2070 Thermometer ASTM 35C +90 +170°C


ASTM D1310, D3143

The FIAS-0360 TAG Open Cup Flash Point Tester is used for determination of flash points of liquids having a flash point between -18 and 165°C, fire points up to 165°C and cutback asphalts with flash points of less than 200°F (93°C).

The test set consists of an electric furnace with electronic contoller of heating power, flame rotating ignition device (LPG supply required), glass cup, insulating plate, support and clamp for thermometer, gauge, stainless steel frame and double-line fuse.

Thermometers should be ordered separately.


250x170x400 mm

Weight (approx.)

4 kg


600 W

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