Automatic Oil and Water Constant Pressure System

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Oil and Water Constant Pressure Unit,

1700 kPa220-240V, 50-60Hz, 1ph


Digital Pressure Gauge, 1700 kPa (250 psi)


Pressure Transducer, 2000 kPa

The Oil and Water Constant Pressure Unit is extremely versatile and can be used in conjunction with a wide range of test equipment. The unit provides continuous variable pressure up to 1700 kPa. Pressure is increased or decreased simply by turning a control wheel.

The Unit is used for providing cell/back pressure in triaxial tests. The apparatus is supplied without a gauge for those customers who have suitable pressure monitoring equipment.

As optional equipment for monitoring the pressure of the  unit;

  • The Digital Pressure Gauge (FIS-0409) or
  • The pressure transducer(FIGM-0110) which can be used with FALEX BC100 TFT Unit on the Multiplex Universal Electromechanic Test Machine (FIM-0108) for only UU test or
  • The pressure transducer(FIGM-0110) which should be used with the datalogger (FIG-0320) for CU-CD tests

can be used and prefered optional equpment should be ordered separately.

The machine features a clear hydraulic/water interface reservoir and up to 1 liter capacity of water is available under pressure. Supplied complete with 2 liters of No.46 regular hydraulic oil.

Product Code





300x250x250 mm

7.5 kg

35 W


150x150x100 mm

0.6 kg



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