In-Situ CBR Test Apparatus

Product Code

FIS-0865   In-situ CBR Test Apparatus

FIS-0866            Cutting Collar (edge) for FIS-0865

FIS-0867            Conversion Frame


BS 1377:9; 1924:2; ASTM D4429; UNI 10009; NF

The FIS-0865 In-situ CBR Test Apparatus, 50 kN capacity,is used for the on-site determination of the bearing capacity of soils used in road construction.

 The set consists of:

  • 50 kN capacity mechanical jack with ball seating              
  • 50 kN capacity load ring
  • Analog penetration dial gauge (30 mm travel x 0.01 mm)
  • Adjustable dial gauge holder
  • CBR Penetration piston
  • Set of extension rods (2 pcs. 102 mm, 1 pcs. 305 mm and 1 pcs. 610 mm length)
  • Datum bar assembly with two stands
  • 4.5 kg annular surcharge weight
  • 4.5 Kg slotted surcharge weight
  • 9 kg slotted surcharge weight
  • Vehicle bracket and wooden carrying case

The FIS-0867 Conversion Frame is used to convert the IN-situ CBR test to a mechanical laboratory CBR test machine.

The system is easily assembled onto the conversion frame with the addition of some of the accessories included in FIS-0865.    The frame is used with the jack, load ring, CBR mould and penetration piston.

Product Code


Weight (approx.)


240x1630x230 mm (case)

50 kg


380x270x1180 mm

26 kg

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