Sand Cone Sets

Product Code

FIS-0950 Sand Cone Set 6.5"
FIS-0960 Sand Cone Set 12"
FIS-0952 Plastic Sand Jar 5 L, for FIS-0950
FIS-0962  Density Cylinder, 12"


ASTM D1556; AASHTO T181, T191

The FIS-0950 and FIS-0960 Sand Cone Sets are used for the determination of the degree of compaction on site. FIS-0950 includes double cone, plastic sand jar and metal tray with flanged hole.

FIS-0962 Density Cylinder is used for determining in place density of compacted base courses containing large sizes of coarse aggregates.

Product Code


Weight (approx.)


300x300x550 mm

4 kg


600x600x650 mm

15 kg


470x320x260 mm

10 kg

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