Pocket Shear Vane Device

Product Code

FIS-0088 Pocket Shear Vane Device

The FIS-0088 Pocket Shear Vane Device is a practical equipment for determining the shear strength of cohesive soils. It is widely used to perform onsite measurements of excavations covering trenches and test pits, thin-wall or split core samples, by providing a quick and efficient method for shear strength measurements and it is also suitable for laboratory usage. Pocket Shear Vane Device is supplied in a plastic carrying case.

Vane Type


Standard 25 mm Diameter Vane

0-10 N/cm'

Sensitive Vane Adaptor

0-2 N/cm'

High Capacity Vane Adaptor

0-25 N/cm'


240x210x50 mm

Weight (approx.)

1,5 kg



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