Motorized Hydraulic Specimen Extruder, Horizontal Type

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     Motorized Hydraulic Specimen Extruder,       

     Horizontal Type, 60 kN Capacity,

     220-240 V 50-60 Hz


Motorized Hydraulic Specimen Extruder,

Horizontal Type 60 kN Capacity,

110 V 60 Hz


EN 13286-2, 13286-47, 12697-30;

AASHTO T134, T180, T193, T245;

ASTM D698, D1557, D1883, D1559;

BS 1377-4, 1924-2, 598-107

The FIGE-0084 Motorized Hydraulic Extruder is used for quick and smooth extrusion of soil specimens from 38 mm (inner dia.) to 160 mm (outer dia) tubes and also Proctor, CBR and Marshall Moulds. The Extruder has 60 kN capacity and 900 mm ram travel. Specimens with different sizes can be safely collected after extrusion with the help of the adjustable V shaped sample receiving table. This V table can easily be dismounted for space saving. The hydraulic piston can be stopped at any position during the extraction.

Adaptors with different sizes should be ordered separately if required.

The Motorized Hydraulic Extruder is supplied complete with;

  • Adaptors for Ø100 mm (4”) and Ø150 mm (6”) dia.. moulds


           60 kN

Ram Travel

           900 mm


    2800x500x1250 mm (working position)

    2050x500x1250 (shipping)

Weigth (approx.)   

            195 kg


             750 W                                                                            

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