Thickness Gauge (Flakiness Index) BS

Product Code

FIA-0450   Thickness Gauge (Flakiness Index BS)



BS 812-105.1

Thickness Gauge is used to determine if the aggregate particles are to be considered as flaky, i.e. their thickness is less than 0.6 of their nominal size.

The aggregate to be classified is separated into seven sieve fractions from 6.3 to 63 mm, and each fraction is examined separately. Slot sizes are 4.9 x 30 mm, 7.2 x 40 mm, 10.2 x 50 mm, 14.4 x 60 mm, 19.7 x 80 mm, 26.3 x 90 mm and 33.9 x 100 mm.


310x130x10 mm

Weight (approx.)

0,4 kg

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