High Pressure Cement Autoclave

Product Code

FICM-0020 High Pressure Cement Autoclave, 230 V 50-60 Hz


ASTM C151, C490; UNE 7207

The FICM-0020 High Pressure Cement Autoclave is designed to perform expansion tests on cement specimens.10 specimens can simultaneously be tested in the high pressure steam vessel of 154 mm diameter and 430 mm height.

The Autoclave consists of a pressure gauge, pressure regulator, temperature regülatör, control switches and safety valve. Certified conforming to ISPELS procedure.

FICM-0033 Two Gang Shrinkage mould should be ordered separately.

The High Pressure Cement Autoclave is supplied complete with;

  • Specimen Rack, 10 samples capacity


450x475x1080 mm

Weight (approx.)

55 kg


2600 W

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