ABA Asphalt Binder Analyzer

Product Code

FIAS-0039 ABA Asphalt Binder Analyzer, 380 V


EN 12697-39; AASHTO TP53; ASTM D6307

The FALEX ABA Asphalt Binder Analyzer is used to determine the asphalt binder content of hot mix asphalt/bituminous mixtures by the method of loss on ignition. The system combines a sophisticated furnace and weighing system to continuously measure the weight loss of a bituminous mixture during combustion and aFIomatically calculates its binder content at the end of the test.


  • High efficiency heating system with afterburner chamber for a total combustion of exhaust fumes to minimize emissions to conform with EU Directives
  • Sample size up to 4500 g for more representative test results
  • Maximum power rating is 4,5 kW
  • Supplied complete with 2 sample trays, fork to catch the pan and cooling cage


  • 16 bit microprocessor with one CPU card controlling both test data display,  temperature, database and internal functions
  • Large permanent memory to store test results
  • On board 40 column serial printer
  • Weighing system 10000 g capacity, 0.1 g resolFIion and ± 0.1 g repeatability
  • PID closed loop thermoregulation for both oven and afterburner chamber
  • 950 ºC Afterburner 540 ºC oven set temperature according to standard
  • TFT touchscreen 800x480 resolFIion, 65000 color


  • Bidirectional real time communication with the weighing system
  • Test setting menu with physical and descriptive sample parameters (initial weight, weight loss percentage, correction factor)
  • Calibration menu to check and set the temperature and weight calibration for possible manual control of the test performance
  • Test performance menu with simultaneous display of all the test data
  • Internal database for up to 100 tests


  • AFIomatic door locking after 150 ºC
  • AFIomatic monitoring of closed door before test start

The FALEX ABA Asphalt Binder Analyzer is supplied complete with;

  • Double Sample Basket with Safety Cover
  • Extraction Fork


700x1000x1280 mm

Weight (approx.)

125 kg


4,5 kW


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