Automatic Marshall Impact Compactor, EN

Product Code


AFIomatic Marshall Impact Compactor

with Wooden Pedestal, EN,

220-240 V 50 Hz,

(60 Hz version is available upon request)


AFIomatic Marshall Impact Compactor

with Wooden Pedestal

and Soundproof Safety Cabinet,

EN, 220-240 V 50 Hz


Marshall Steel Block,

Ø102 and 50 mm height


EN 12697-30, 12697-10, 12687-12

The FIAS-0082/E AFIomatic Marshall Compactor with wooden pedestal provides a uniform and even degree of compaction. The unit incorporates a compaction pedestal, comprising a laminated hardwood block secured to a concrete block by a 300 mm square x 25 mm thick steel plate. The mechanism lifts the 4535 g ± 15 g hammer and aFIomatically releases it at the specified height of 457 ± 5 mm.

The conveniently positioned control panel comprises of start/stop button, emergency stop button and a direct reading counter used to set the required number of blows.

The apparatus stops aFIomatically after the preset number of blows. The aFIomatic Marshall compactor includes the laminate hardwood block and concrete block 450x450x200 mm.

The FIAS-0082/E is equipped with a motorized mould fixing mechanism which also raises the hammer to provide easy removing of the mould. With this feature, the user can easily release the mould and raise the rammer simultaneously.

Particular attention has been paid to operator safety by the inclusion of various in-built safety features.

FIAS-0067 Marshall Steel Block is used for Initial heating of the foot of compaction hammer and Marshall mouds should be order separately.

The standard model can be supplied with a safety/noise reduction cabinet. The cabinet is lined internally with soundproofing material to reduce sound level conforming to CE directives

Technical Specifications

Falling Height

457 ± 5mm

Hammer Weight

4535 ± 15 g

Tamping Face Dia.

98,5 mm

Concrete Base Dimension

450x450x200 mm

Laminated Hardwork Block Dimensions

200x200x450 mm

Blows Frequency

50 blows in 55 s to 60 s


550x500x1950 mm

Weight (approx.) 225 kg

275 kg


370 W


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