Marshall /CBR / Proctor Specimen Extruder

Product Code

FIGE-0080 Marshall-CBR-Proctor Specimen Extruder, 30 kN Capacity


EN 12697-30, 13286-2, 13286-47; AASTHO T245, T134, T180,T193; ASTM D1559, D698, D1557, D1883; BS 598-107, 1377-4, 1924-2

The specimen extruder is designed to easily extrude specimens from Marshall, CBR, standart and modify Proctor Moulds. The capacity of the extruder is 30 kN. Supplied complete with a manual hydraulic jack and 2 pcs. adaptor to extrude specimens from 100mm (4 “), 150 mm (6”) inner diameter marshall, CBR standard and modified proctor, moulds.

Ram Travel

130 mm

Screw Travel

90 mm


280x280x520 mm

Weight (approx.)

28 kg

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