SOIL Testing Equipment

Falex Soil Testing Equipments are used for understanding and investigating th


Aggregate Testing Equipment

Aggregates are fundamental materials that are used in all areas of const


Cement Testing Equipment

Cement is the binder used to create concrete and mortar. The manufacture of


Concrete Testing Equipment

Concrete is a composite construction material made primarily from aggrega

Falex Testing Systems

Falex Testing Systems

The section of Falex consists of detecting the deformations of various materia


Asphalt Testing Equipment

The main area of usage of bituminous mixtures is in road construction. The


Rock Mechanics Testing Equipment

Rock mechanics is the theoretical and applied science about the mec

Special Testing Systems

Special Testing Systems

In Special Testing Systems Section you can find some examples of products an

Drying Weighing Grading

Drying, Weighing & Grading Testing Equipment

Ovens, balances and test sieves are common equipmen


General Testing Equipment

Some testing equipment is used widely in all laboratories but they are not

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